Cooking is my passion. I have grown up in small south Indian village watching my parents creating delicious and healthy meals for school students every day, they spent more then two decades in Department of Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme. I got my inspiration for cooking from them and motivated me to try my skills in the field of hospitality.

After my study I was trained as a professional cook in 5star hotels Taj hotels in India, Sri Lanka and United Kingdom 8years. I immigrated to Canada and work for another Indian restaurant and Fairmont Hotel in Calgary for 10 years. I Did Red Seal Chef Certification 2009. I had dreamt of running my own restaurant. My dream came true with my Family and friends support we opened our dream restaurant in South West Calgary.

My art is in creating delicious and nutritious menu that overwhelm your taste buds. Our guest enjoys and appreciate our food and hard work. Our Restaurant focuses on traditional ingredients, recipes and style of cooking that I have been practiced in south Indian village.

It makes me proud and satisfied when my guest walks out with happy face. I grind my own Masala (spices) every day to each individual food.

We cook Vegetarian and non vegetarian separate. There are so many choice of GLUTEN FREE AND VEGAN.I have learned the trick of blending deferent spices together from my Master chefs who had more then 40years experience in South and North Indian cooking specially Chettinadu.